Many growing business need an FD to keep tighter control of finances and help management plan cash flow and non-financial resources through their expansion. At Alchemy Accountancy, we make it our mission to get to know our clients and work with them to provide a range of services to help them navigate through their challenges and meet their long term financial objectives.

Management Accounts

Detailed analysis to help understand trends. Know which parts of your operation are profitable, and which are underperforming to help allocate resources and grow profitability.


A budget is a financial plan for the future of your business. We work with you to produce detailed budgets and measure performance of your business against the budget in the management accounting pack.

Tax Planning

We advise you of what tax liabilities are coming up and how much to put aside, we then look at how to minimise the amount of tax that you pay whilst ensuring that you do not fall foul of any legislative constraints.

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