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The publishing of books and magazines is undergoing a radical transition from paper to digital and as specialist accountants for publishing companies, we’re aware of the challenges facing publishers during this process.

As the publishing industry goes through this change, all your energy and focus will be needed to keep print alive or bring digital books and magazines to life. But your accounting obligations will always be there to distract you.

We can take on some of these routine accounting jobs, such as your annual accounts, corporate tax returns and bookkeeping.

Publishers are creatives at heart and it’s unlikely you chose to run a business in this industry to obsess over financial records and complete VAT returns. 

Not only can we remove something from your already full plate, but we can also help you stay focused, all the while making sure you’re up to date with your statutory and tax obligations.

Accountants for printing companies

Unlike publishing companies, printing companies don’t often enjoy the security of contracts to ensure they receive at least some payment for every project, regardless of whether they are completed in the end or not.

That’s why printing companies need to be that bit more careful with their cashflow, costing and tax efficiency to stay profitable in the industry.

We can draw up monthly and quarterly management accounts to help you better understand your business in real time. There would be no point in summarising data and information if it didn’t make sense to our clients, though, so we operate with you in mind.

With the help of regular accounts, we can spot opportunities that offer to add growth to your business and avoid traps that could damage it, even before they arise. Accountants for printing companies are advisers as much as accountants nowadays, and we can provide advice on how your business can improve.

We advise on…

  • Cloud accounting
  • Business expenses
  • Annual accounts
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax planning
  • VAT returns
  • IR35

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