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Accounting and tax advice for content creators

Social media content creators and influencers are relatively new professions. In fact, it might have started out for you as a hobby. You might not even think of it as a source of income. But if you make money online from royalties, advertising, sponsorships, appearance fees or anything else, you need to file a tax return to pay tax on your earnings.

Content creators and influencers don’t do what they do to file tax returns, however. Nor do they get in front of a camera to thousands of viewers to complete statutory returns, obsess over bookkeeping or research tax relief. They do it to cultivate an audience, and their attention needs to be focused on that as well as their advertisers and, of course, their content. It’s tricky for anyone to run their own business and stay on top of every financial aspect of it.

As accountants for content creators and influencers, we can take care of your accounting and financial affairs for you so you can stay focused on your audience.

Part of our service for content creators and influencers includes handling the paperwork that you’re obliged to do. Your self-assessment form might seem simple enough, but working out your exact income can be a challenge. If you make a mistake, you could face a financial penalty. Accurate and regular bookkeeping using precise records of all your earnings and expenses is a good way to prevent this, which we can also do for you.

Accounting for influencers

Working as an influencer can strain your finances. You may have to travel a lot, perhaps even by plane, to attend costly events and meetups. You might be buying products to review, and things can get especially expensive if you’re a clothing hauler or similar. That’s not to mention the lighting, sound and camera technologies you need to create high-quality video content. With our advisory services, we can help you budget properly to ensure you never miss out on an opportunity to grow your followers. 

We can also help you offset allowable expenses from your taxable profits, leaving you with a smaller tax bill. To count as ‘allowable’, the expense must have been made entirely for the sake of your business. A camera that you only use for your business would count, for instance, but clothing that you feature in a review but also wear socially wouldn’t. As accountants for influencers, we have a lot of experience in working out which allowable expenses you can claim so you have extra cash to either spend on your business or on yourself.

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