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Accounting for freelancers requires an eye for detail and an understanding of how they operate in the creative and technology industries in particular.

From project to project, job to job, freelancers might work for a handful of key clients, or offer the kind of super-specialist services that mean they supply services for hundreds of businesses every year. That can mean a lot of invoices, payments and business expenses to keep a handle on.

So, before we even get into accountancy services, bookkeeping for freelancers is a key part of our service.

Using cloud accounting software such as FreeAgent, Xero and Receipt Bank, we’ll work with you to track and manage your finances in real time. You can even use your smartphone or laptop when you’re on the road working with clients.

We recommend FreeAgent in particular as the best accounting software for freelancers and other one-person businesses. Talk to us about setup and training.

Tax returns for freelancers

When all your income is through PAYE, you don’t have to complete a self-assessment tax return. The minute you start freelancing, whether to earn additional income or as your main job, that changes.

As experienced accountants for freelancers, Alchemy can take the task of completing an income tax return off your hands. We’ll make sure you claim all the tax reliefs you’re entitled to, that allowable expenses are properly calculated, and make sure you get a properly completed form to HMRC well ahead of the deadline, as long as you get your information to us in time.

And if you work completely or partially from your home, in an office or studio, we’ll help you calculate a reasonable proportion of household expenses in line with Government guidance – a key break on which far too many freelancers miss out.

Freelance taxes

Beyond the practical job of completing end-of-year returns, our accounting services for freelancers also include strategic tax advice and tips.

For example, we can help you decide if it’s time to set up a limited company for your freelance business and help you navigate the minefield that is IR35.

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Tax help for freelancers…

  • Self-assessment returns
  • Setup with FreeAgent
  • IR35 advice
  • Bookkeeping
  • Allowable expenses

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