Accounts preparation services

Your company accounts and corporation tax return

Directors of limited companies are responsible for the preparation of final accounts for shareholders, bankers and other providers of finance.

Annual accounts show the financial performance of the business over the accounting period (profit and loss account) and the financial position of the business, its assets and liabilities at the end of the accounting period (the balance sheet).

Your statutory accounts have to be delivered to Companies House within nine months and a day after the end of the accounting period. The accounts and an accompanying corporation tax return must go to HMRC within a year of the end of the accounting period.

Our approach to your accounts preparation

We don’t believe an accountant should work on your records or provide advice only once per year.

Accounts preparation is a continuous process and, by getting to know our clients and their businesses – by building good relationships – we stand to do a better job.

Because we get this right throughout the year, assuming they follow our advice, the end of year process is easier for our clients – straightforward and free of surprises.

All of our clients use cloud bookkeeping technology which means we have a clear view of all their financial transactions throughout their accounting period, even if we’re not handling bookkeeping on their behalf.

We use your business’s financial records to prepare both the accounts and corporation tax returns.

We then send them to the directors for approval for submission to Companies House and HMRC. We will also provide clear guidance on how to go about paying your corporation tax bill.

If HMRC has any questions about a set of accounts or company tax return we’ve prepared, we’ll work with you to field them and resolve any disputes as painlessly as possible.

Why it works

Our approach to final accounts preparation is streamlined, straightforward and sensible and delivers clean accounts, on time, with minimal fuss.

Alchemy’s accounting services

  • Statutory accounts (Companies House)
  • Corporation tax return (HMRC)
  • Group accounts preparation
  • Tax reliefs identified and claimed
  • Handling of HMRC enquiries

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