Bookkeeping for creatives

Polished financial records

Bookkeeping is the process of collecting and recording all of your business transactions. It’s functional, sure, but it flows into all the other financial reporting we prepare on your behalf.

A really professional bookkeeper is careful, precise and painstaking, bringing order to what can all too easily become an overwhelming tidal wave of paperwork.

Like all of the accounting services offered by Alchemy, our outsourced bookkeeping provides creatives like you with a clear and structured, technology-led approach that is built around your business.

The Alchemy bookkeeping process

First, we provide you with a login to ReceiptBank so you can quickly and easily capture invoices and receipts provided by your suppliers.

You’ll be able to photograph paper invoices or receipts using a smartphone application.

For invoices that are emailed to you, we’ll provide a forwarding address that simply pushes the document straight to the ReceiptBank inbox for processing.

We recommend sending your paperwork to ReceiptBank daily – the more of a habit collecting business records is, the better, reducing the likelihood of losing or damaging essential paperwork.

Next, Alchemy will perform a weekly bank reconciliation for you and send a report detailing any missing paperwork, giving you the best possible chance of digging it up before it is lost or destroyed.

The benefits of having us do your books

Let us help get your bookkeeping right first time round and you’ll feel more in control, avoid having to fix problems after the fact and be able to focus your time and energy on the aspects of running your business that really excite you.

Next steps

Our bookkeeping services are available to clients local to our offices in Preston, Lancashire and as an online service to businesses across the UK. To get started call us today on 01772 965550 or use our contact form.

Our bookkeeping services

  • Simple process, clearly explained
  • Software based – fast and easy
  • Daily record updates
  • Weekly reconciliation and report
  • Save time and effort

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