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Payroll is fiddly but important – if you get it wrong, your valued staff could lose out or end up struggling. Equally, you could end up in trouble for failing to comply with the raft of statutory obligations around pay and benefits.

Alchemy’s payroll service takes the most time-consuming and intricate aspects of the job off your plate and gives you confidence that the numbers are right, on time, every time.

The Alchemy payroll process

We prepare payroll for your weekly and monthly paid employees based on data you submit to us. This typically includes details of salary, hours worked and details of any obligations around student loans, child support and so on.

We prepare a payslip for each employee, calculate statutory deductions and handle real-time-information (RTI) filing with HMRC on the date of pay, as required by law.

We also prepare a report to show the total of net payments to be made to employees and to HMRC.

Alchemy can also help you comply with the Pension Regulator’s requirements for auto-enrolment of your employees into a pension scheme.

And if HMRC has any questions about your pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) setup or national insurance (NI) deductions you’ve made on behalf of your staff, we’ll help resolve those, too.

The benefits of having Alchemy handle payroll

Payroll needs to be done right but shouldn’t be a distraction from growing your business and doing what you’re best at. Delegating this work to us frees up your time, gives you one less thing to keep an eye on and reduces the risk of tricky problems come pay day.

Our payroll service

  • Full PAYE process
  • National insurance deductions
  • Other statutory deductions
  • RTI filing with HMRC
  • Net payment reports
  • Support with HMRC enquiries
  • Auto-enrolment guidance

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