R&D tax advice for creative businesses

Research and development tax advice and assistance

The UK Government wants Britain to be a centre for innovative businesses with technology at the heart of what they do. Which is why it offers generous R&D tax help for companies engaging in research and development.

Though they’re mostly aimed at businesses in the technology sector, from university-based startups to innovators in engineering and design, lots of firms in the creative sector are also eligible.

As long as you are working on a specific project to make some sort of scientific or technological advance, and that project is part of your company’s trade, you may be entitled to make a claim as part of your corporation tax return.

There are various other criteria that have to be met, some of them fairly abstract, with opportunities for tax credits or tax relief. Alchemy can advise on all of that once we know your business better.

Our approach to R&D tax

  • Analysis of your business
  • Assessment of your claim
  • Claims built into tax return

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