Tax services and advice for creatives

Tax advice for bright businesses

Alchemy looks at everything we do for your business with tax in mind. It can be an enormous burden, a source of confusion and the cause of massive stress. Handled properly, though, it’s possible to meet all your statutory obligations without getting lost in the dark. In many cases, the tax system can even give businesses a leg up, especially in the creative and technology sectors. That’s because the Government offers valuable tax reliefs to encourage certain behaviours and boost particular industries.

We need to get the balance right between statutory compliance and sensible tax planning that gives your business the best change to thrive and grow. As with everything we do, the secret is fully tested, transparent processes explained as clearly as possible. You’ll always know what we’re doing on your behalf, when and why. 

Our creative business tax services

From fine tuning your business’s tax arrangements to ensuring you’re claiming all the tax breaks to which you’re entitled, Alchemy offers all kinds of guidance and practical support. We’ll make sure you meet all the HMRC deadlines with tidy paperwork and logical thinking underpinning every decision.

Tax planning

Making sure your business pays a fair amount of tax.

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VAT services

Managing returns and giving advice on your business’s VAT claims.

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R&D tax

Innovators in industry or the arts can access valuable tax breaks.

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Corporation tax

Efficient, transparent, timely statutory returns.

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