Corporation tax services

Statutory corporation tax returns

For limited companies, there’s not much more important than filing accurate corporation tax returns, on time, and that’s what corporation tax accountants specialise in making happen.

Filing corporate tax returns is also your opportunity to claim any tax reliefs you might be entitled to, for research and development or work in the creative industries, for example.

It also informs corporate tax planning strategy through which we’ll guide you and which can, in the long term, reduce the amount of tax you pay.

Our approach to corporation tax services

Throughout the accounting period, we’ll work with you to work out which tax breaks you could and should be claiming.

Then, as the end of the accounting period approaches, we’ll use your books and other accounting records to start putting together your final corporate tax return.

Once it’s done and fully in line with your statutory accounts, we’ll submit it to HMRC with all the necessary supporting notes and paperwork.

If HMRC has any questions about a company tax return we’ve put together for you, we’ll support you through the process of responding.

Why let us complete your return?

Completing a corporation tax return can be daunting, time-consuming and fiddly.

At Alchemy, we’re corporation tax preparation specialists, so we do them all the time, over and again.

It’s second nature to us.

We know the quirks of the process, understand the jargon and can make the process fast and painless for you.

Next steps

Talk to a corporate tax consultant at our offices in Preston, Lancashire, or online if you’re based elsewhere in the UK. Read our Corporation Tax guide, call us on 01772 965550 or use our contact form to get in touch.

Alchemy’s approach to tax returns

  • Consistent, transparent process
  • Tax reliefs identified
  • Returns completed and submitted
  • HMRC queries handled

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