Tax planning

Shedding light on the UK tax system

Alchemy’s aim when it comes to tax planning is to make sure you meet your statutory obligations, pay only a fair amount of tax and claim any tax breaks you’re entitled to.

Tax planning is sophisticated work which is why we really get to understand the businesses we work with before implementing our process.

There are some important opportunities for creative businesses and those in the technology sector in particular to claim valuable tax reliefs designed by the Government to encourage research and development, for example.

Our tax planning process

First, we get to know your business – its structure, the sector you work in and the specific details of your work. Are you a sole trader or do you run a limited company? Is your work innovative? Do you qualify for creative tax reliefs? And so on.

Then we make recommendations for changes you might make that will improve your tax efficiency while remaining fully compliant with UK tax law. Are there opportunities you might be missing?

Finally, we identify any tax reliefs you could be entitled to and, as part of your corporate tax return, make claims on your behalf.

The benefits of our approach to tax

Our clients can be confident that we’re spotting ethical opportunities to save on tax and claim important breaks on their behalf. And our process-driven approach, integrating fully with the other accountancy services we provide, means you’ll always know what’s going on. 

Key points/benefits/deliverables

  • Tax analysis of your business
  • Customised tax advice
  • Tax reliefs identified and claimed
  • Clear communications throughout

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