How we work

Alchemy won’t keep you in the dark

Efficient, repeatable accounting processes, plus total transparency, equals enlightened clients.

We want the businesses we work with to feel that their tax situations and financial functions are under control so they can forget about them. Our aim is always to lighten the load, leaving them free to have more – and brighter – light-bulb moments.

Everything we do we look at through the prism of process. At Alchemy, we don’t hack, bodge or muddle through – we test, improve and repeat. The more predictable a process is, the better. It means you’ll know what you’re signing up for from day one and exactly what to expect at each step. And with more certainty comes less stress.

We promise clients three things

When you work with Alchemy, you can be sure of three things: we’ll be straightforward, reliable and loyal, and win your loyalty in return. If you’ve been let down by accountancy firms which blind you with jargon, let you down when you need them most, and spend more time winning new clients than doing right by those they’ve already got, then talk to us.


We’ll stick by our clients and give them every reason to keep working with us.


We say what we mean and shine a light through the fog of technical talk.


When we commit to do or deliver something, we do it, on time, whatever it takes.

Our accountancy services

We provide all sorts of services to bright businesses, from business strategy to payroll, and we’d love to help you shine.