Fair and transparent pricing

We work with our clients on a fixed fee basis – our fees are agreed in advance (meaning no surprises) and paid in monthly instalments throughout the financial period (meaning no large one-offs). We seek to price our work based on the value that we provide to our clients rather than an hourly rate – our view is that accountants that charge an hourly rate are simply incentivised to draw out their work for a larger fee.

Our fees are therefore based on the size/complexity of your business, the approximate number of monthly transactions, the quality of records that are provided to us, and the services which you require.

This means that a larger business, with more complex accounting requirements can expect a larger fee than a freelancer. It also means that the better the records that you keep, the less we will need to correct errors/omissions and so the less we will need to charge.

Our pricing method also means that you don’t end up paying for services that are not required (typically VAT filing within a packaged accounting service, even if not VAT registered), or that you can bolt-on additional services (such as management accounts, budgeting) to better support your business growth as required.

The more services that you ask us to undertake, the lower the price per service. This is because some elements of what we do have common tasks, which we only need to do once across the range of jobs (i.e. the first thing we do for year-end accounts, management accounts and VAT is to check the bookkeeping – if you take all three from us, we only need to do this once). And if you take bookkeeping as well, we are checking our own work rather than someone else’s, so the price for other services falls further.

We promise clients three things

When you work with Alchemy, you can be sure of three things: we’ll be straightforward, reliable and loyal, and win your loyalty in return. If you’ve been let down by accountancy firms which blind you with jargon, let you down when you need them most, and spend more time winning new clients than doing right by those they’ve already got, then talk to us.


We’ll stick by our clients and give them every reason to keep working with us.


We say what we mean and shine a light through the fog of technical talk.


When we commit to do or deliver something, we do it, on time, whatever it takes.

Our accountancy services

We provide all sorts of services to bright businesses, from business strategy to payroll, and we’d love to help you shine.